Best Direct Mail Services In Durango, CO and Farmington, NM Area

Basin Printing & Imaging is by the far the best direct mail marketing solution located in the Four Corners region. At Basin, we’re able to realize the best postage and deliverability rates, meaning greater accuracy at a reduced cost.

Because of our advanced entry-point optimization techniques, the consolidations of both Durango Post Office and Farmington Post Office have not affected us as drastically as other local mail service providers. The same techniques we’ve been using for years are now being used to get those records to where they’ll still receive the discounts our clients are used to having.

Here are some of the reasons we are “the best”:

Increased Deliverability

Every mailing prepared by Basin Printing first goes through a series of data-cleansing processes. Most of these processes are a USPS requirement for reduced postage rates. All of them are extremely valuable for increasing deliverability and the effectiveness of a campaign. Here are some of the techniques we apply to your mailing:

Address Correction: The address correction process standardizes addresses, appends missing suite numbers (if possible via company name) and updates zipcode and road name changes. The address correction process will also append the zip+4 range to the zipcode, which is a requirement for automating mailpieces for increased discount.

Everything that does not pass validation during the address correction is manually reviewed by a data technician. Any manual corrections possible are made and anything deemed completely undeliverable is removed.

National Change of Address (Move-Update): The National Change of Address (NCOA Processing) is one of the most valuable tools we have for cleaning up databases and increasing a mailings deliverability.

The NCOA process will commonly update somewhere between 7-14% of addresses, depending on how often the list is updated. This means if the mailing was prepared inhouse, without the NCOA process being ran, roughly 7-14% of all mailpieces will be addressed to the wrong address! This means that this process is the best method of increasing direct mail deliverability. By the way, Basin Printing does NCOA processing free of charge with each mailing.

Duplicate Removal And Suppression Lists: The software used for our data-clenching processes comes with a robust duplicate search and removal system. Unlike using Excel or other programs for duplicate removal, we’re able to compare records using multiple criteria each weighted differently.

This can help prevent the removal of duplicates that aren’t really duplicates. In example; we always use the 9-digit zipcode as criteria for duplicate removal. Reason being, is that there might be multiple “123 main street” or “John Doe”‘s around the United States.

If only “address” or “name” is used for duplicate removal, without using zipcode as a weighted criteria, it’s possible to remove records that aren’t really duplicates. It’s also important to run duplicate searches after the NCOA, as you’d be surprised how often recipients will move in and out of duplicate groups (believe us, we’ve actually tested this extensively).

Best Postage In Four Corners Area

At Basin Printing, we employ EVERY technique possible to get your postage down to the bare minimum. Our presort technicians do not rely on default algorithms, and instead are consistently tweaking parameters for every job.

Carrier Route Sorts: We are able to perform advanced carrier-route sorts, which are much finer and come with better postage rates than the typical 5-digit sorts most mail-service providers call “optimal”.

Entry-Point Optimization: Durango, Bayfield and Farmington records all must make their way to different postal facilities to realize the SCF rates, which (outside of flat mailings) is the most optimal entry-level discount possible. Basin Printing is capable of getting all the records to their correlating facility at minimal expense. Getting the mail as far as possible into the mailstream not only gets the mail delivered faster, we also receive the best rates because of it!

Full-Service Intelligent Mail: Basin Printing & Imaging is a full-service intelligent mail provider. This means we are protected from losing our automated rates and will continue to realize the full-service discounts.

Best Mail Preparation Equipment In Area

The Basin Printing Mail Center is running the best mail preparation equipment within the Four Corners region. We are fully capable of preparing all forms of mailers, completely compliant with USPS specifications.

Tabbing: We’ve got two tabbing units. One of them is inline with our primary inkjet addressing unit and we’ve also got a backup tabletop tabbing. We are capable of tabbing with both 1-inch and 1.5-inch tabs.

Envelope Folding, Inserting, Sealing: Our inserting unit is capable of nesting, folding, inserting and sealing – all in one consolidated process!

Addressing: Basin Printing & Imaging has two inkjet machines. Our primary machine is capable of addressing up to 16,000 records per hour (4.25×6 postcards) and generally runs at speeds greater than 10,000 per hour on larger mailpieces. We’ve also got a backup unit to ensure we’re still able to prepare mail in the event of downtime.

Variable Data: Basin Printing & Imaging is rocking a fleet of six digital printers (in addition to our 5 offset presses). We are fully capable of preparing variable data mailings, including variable envelopes.

Variable data uses database fields to personalize printed mailpieces. The personalization can be as basic as a mail-merge, or as complex as displaying images unique to each recipient. Personalized mailpieces generally receive much higher response rates than generic versions.

Outsourced Mailings Pay For Themselves

The postage savings itself is generally enough to justify the outsourcing of direct mail projects. In addition, the business realizes increased returns through an increased deliverability rate and reduces the overhead of needing to prepare the mailing inhouse.

Email us or call us at (970) 247-5212 to learn more about how we can save you money while increasing deliverability on your next direct mail project.

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