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Personalization of direct mail pieces has been known to raise response rates of direct mail and other forms of printed collateral. Personalization can be as basic as a “dear John & Jane”. It can also be as complex as setting up a series of data-driven “if this, then that” rules to display variable text and images based on what is known about the recipient.

Variable data must be printed digitally

Variable data and personalization is only possible through digital printing. This is because every printed piece is different from each other. The more traditional offset printing requires plates which are incapable of producing variable content.

Setting Up Database For Variable Data

A database is required in order to produce personalized / variable printed pieces. Each “database record” represents a single printed piece.

For mail-merges; the database must contain the information that is to be printed. It’s possible to setup for if the database field is blank.

For variable images; A database indicator identifies which picture should be displayed. For example; if “dog” is listed under the “pet” field, a picture of a dog can be printed on each variable mailpiece. If “cat” is contained in the database, a cat will be printed instead of the dog. Rules can be setup for blank fields that display a generic image suitable for any flavor of pet enthusiast.

It is very important that database fields be standardized! For example, “dog” is not the same as “dogs” or “puppy”. Therefore, variable images require standardized database fields in-order to reduce misprints.

Variable Email Newsletters

Variable data isn’t just for direct mail. The same concepts can be applied to email marketing. Most email marketing solutions offer some form of variable data. For example, Constant Contact offers a mail-merge and 15 possible custom fields.

Basin Printing & Imaging has partnered with various solution-providers to launch one of the most personalization-rich email marketing platforms on the market!

Our platform is capable of producing personalized / variable HTML. This means our personalization goes beyond variable text and photo. ANYTHING that can be accomplished with HTML can be personalized.

Remember the “dog” / “cat” example? Now a YouTube video (or other multimedia content) of either dogs or cats can be embedded directly into the email newsletter, based on the database field.

Anther practical use of variable HTML is to display additional resources / reading material based on interests. Using the same “dogs” / “cats”; Give your email subscribers the options of additional resources (from your blog, perhaps?) on how to care for their pets; personalized to which kind of pets they own.

Learn more about cross-channel personalization

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