Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) For The Durango Area

Every Door Direct Mail
Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a program that has been launched by the Postal Service to make saturation mail “easier”. The idea is that business owners can mail easier and at a less expensive rate by being able to bypass the mail-service provider (such as myself) and mail at the saturation rate. There is also no need for a postal permit, saving the business annual permit fees.

The Advantages to EDDM Over Saturation Mail

The one advantage to EDDM over saturation mail is the fact that EDDM flats can be mailed at a smaller finish size. The minimum EDDM finish-size 10.5 x 3.5 to where a saturation flat must be at least 11.5 x 3.5.

The advantage of not needing a mailing permit could be disputed, although as a mail-service provider, we’re required to have one regardless, and for us it’s easier to use our postal permit opposed to the EDDM permit. Having our postal permit helps with internal audits as well.

From a price perspective, both jobs mail at the same rates, meaning neither saturation or EDDM is less expensive postage-wise.

Limits of PMOD

PMOD is limited to mailings of 5,000 records or less. This means that it is not possible to completely saturate Durango, Cortez, Farmington and many other regional towns in a single day.

Another set-back with EDDM is that only simplified records can be prepared / accepted. If the mailing is 100% saturation to begin with, this isn’t much of a problem. Where this becomes an issue is if a separate “addressed quantity” is to be included with the mailing.

There are many reasons why a mailer might want to saturate one zipcode while only targeting select recipients within another. This is something possible with simplified mailings, but not with EDDM.

Therefore (outside of size restrictions) simplified saturation mailings are more flexible and dynamic. In addition, it’s possible to mail more than 5,000 records daily, making it possible to drop entire campaigns simultaneously.

Basin Printing Can Provide EDDM Services

Whether it’s Every Door Direct Mail or traditional saturation mailings, Basin Printing & Imaging is capable of of preparing both types of mail at the lowest rates. We are also capable of providing all forms of logistics to make sure the mail arrives at the facility that will net the lowest postage rates.

Email us or call (970) 247-5212 to learn more about how direct mail can be used to promote your business.



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