Farmington New Mexico Post Office Loses SCF Discount

Farmington Mailers Lose Postage Discounts

Yesterday, Basin Printing and Imaging’s direct mail center received a phone call from the Farmington Post Office (Former “SCF-874”) informing us that mail entered into Farmington, New Mexico would no-longer be eligible for the SCF-discount.

This came as a shock to me at first, as Farmington was an SCF. even if mail was sorted elsewhere (which it has been for a while) mail entered at Farmington should be eligible for the discount as long as the Postal facility was labeled as such.

Upon further research, it turns out that the USPS did indeed change their labeling list, and Farmington is no longer eligible for the discount.

The Postal Savings Workaround

Let’s please avoid the panic! Basin Printing has been working with advanced direct mail presort and postal logistics for a while now. We are the only mailers in the Four Corners leveraging both PVDS and PMOD to optimize direct mail entry for faster mailflow as well as increased postal discounts.

Luckily, from 3-digit zipcode 813, both Farmington and it’s “Auxiliary Service Facility” are both zone 2. This means that Basin Printing is able to expedite mail through PMOD to the newly required locations without occurring additional costs.

Layman’s terms:  It doesn’t cost Basin Printing anything more to get mail to various Postal facilities required to maintain the discount that Farmington mail will no longer receive.

Enter Carrier-Routed Mail Straight To DDU

It little known trick (that is incredibly helpful to rural mailers) is that mail can be entered straight to a DDU, as long as it meets quantity restrictions or is a purely simplified mailing

Laymen’s terms: Farmington is no longer SCF. It now a DDU. As long as the mail carriers for Farmington “pick-up their mail for delivery from that facility” it will qualify as a DDU for Farmington’s zipcodes.

Regional mail-service providers and USPS has called this tactic “blatantly illegal, so I have included links to supporting documents and research at the end of this post, proving that Farmington does qualify as a DDU (by definition) and that DDU mail can claim SCF (which is the entry-level discount Farmington mailers “lost”)

Enhanced Carrier Mail Requires Some Advanced Preperation
In order for mail to be “carrier-routed”, it must either undergo a 3rd-party data append the “walk sequence” and “carrier route” information. Once this information is appended, the mail can be sorted by “walk-sequence” opposed to “line-of travel”. This requires no further postal processing, which enables the DDU to accept the mail.

Alternatively, “simplified addressing” can be used on jobs that completely saturate entire carrier routes.

Basin Printing is familiar with both these methods of mail preparation

Research / Supporting Links

L005 – Part of the USPS “labeling lists”. These documents are what dictates the Postal services mail-flow. L005 deals with the SCF-sortations. This shows that Farmington is indeed no longer an SCF.

DMM 246 5.0 – Shows the definition of the DDU, and how Farmington qualifies as one by default. Take note of the word “or” in the definition, as it becomes the most important word in the definition.

Also see section 4.2b right above it proves that mail can be submitted to the DDU for an SCF discount…..Something both certain MSP’s and postal employees have told me is “illigal”.

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