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Express Print

In our Digital Print Center, we have the capability of producing high-quality prints in a short turn-around time.  However, due to the cost of materials, the speedy print time may not be as cost-effective as a full press job for a large quantity.

Express prints for the Digital Print Center cannot be larger than 12×18 with bleed.

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Express Print - Digital Copy Center

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  • Project Details

  • Brochures, business cards, flyer, etc.
  • What kind of paper are you wanting this on? Glossy? Matte? Textured? Etc.
  • Full color? Black and white? One Color? Two Color? Etc.
  • Full color? Black and white? One Color? Two Color? Etc.
  • If you want a range of prices for quantities, or wish to see where price breaks are for various quantities, please note the other amounts in the comments area.
  • By when do you need to have your project completed?
  • Finishing Instructions

    Does the job need to fold or be scored to fold to a certain size?
  • How is this to be folded/scored?
    Does the project have bleed?
    Does this need to be numbered? (Like for invoices, tickets, etc.)
  • We normally reply to quote requests within 24 hours.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, tif, tiff, jpg, zip.
    PDF files are ideal file formats. File sizes larger than 300MB may time out.
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