Direct Mail

Our facility contains a full mail room - from design to delivery, we can accommodate all of your direct mail needs. Our CASS certified software allows you to receive the lowest postage rate by automating (barcoding) your mailpiece. With our experienced staff we can design, print, fold, tab and address to your needs. We can work with you to ensure that your mailpiece is within postal standards for the greatest response rate.

We can work with your database or help customize one for you. Our certified software allows us to detect potentially bad addresses and can help eliminate duplicate names from your list. All of this can help keep your marketing costs to a minimum. For a small fee we are able to update your list with NCOA(National Change of Address) to further ensue that the mailpiece reaches its intended recipient. We offer both Standard presorted and First Class permits for use with your job.

Direct Mail Estimates

Postage savings can vary between the different classes of mail and the design of your mailpiece. Delivery destination is another deciding factor for the postage cost. We can provide an estimate of the postage for you upon request.

Mailing List and Mailing Database

We can provide mailing lists for you or use one provided by you.  Your database is the most critical component for a successful direct mail piece.  A clean Data list will help expedite your job smoothly. Various formats of data are accepted.

delimited of fixed length (.txt or .csv)
2: dBase compatible V3 or greater (.dbf)
3: Data Interchange Format (.dif)
4: Microsoft Access 2000-2003 (.mdb)
5: Microsoft Excel 2000-2003 (.xls)

Note: Other files will not be accepted. (NO EXCLUSIONS)

For bulk mail there are requirements on quantities for delivery: Standard or Non-Profit mail requires a minimum of 200 pieces for bulk delivery. First Class mail has a minimum requirement of 500 pieces for delivery.


Once addresses are corrected for proper delivery, you can purge out duplicate names for specific targets.

Address Correction Reports

Our software gives us the ability to provide you with reports on which addresses were corrected and which were not. You can choose to have these names deleted from your list before presorting if you choose to avoid sending dead letters. They also provide the duplicate address so you can update your files. A summary report shows how many records were correct and the total postage for the job. You will see your total postage saving on these reports.

Some of our Direct Mail Services Include:

- Variable Personalization
- Direct Imprint Addressing
- Collating/ Inserting
- Folding/ Tabbing
- Database Management
- Duplicate Elimination
- Target Mail Lists
- NCOA Services
- Postal Presorting
- Presort Standard and First Class Indicia.

PDF forms are available for Design Guidelines, rates and other useful info.  You can download our brochure here.
Please contact for these forms.

Non-profit regulations vary drastically from standard guidelines. Please have a postal representative view artwork for automation. Basin printing can not be held responsible for errors with non-profit standards.